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Alarm Analysis Reports are designed to help filter out the noise that monitoring solutions can create.

A typical approach we take is setting up the analysis as a dashboard since that allows for a more dynamic drill-down and navigational approach.

As an alternative, the Excel "Drill Down" report is generated from SQL Reporting Services which is currently the only mechanism that provides a "deliverable" with interactive drill down and sorting capabilities.


All of the information presented in these reports is generated from live data (names and IP's have been changed to protect the innocent).


You deserve to see your data the way you want, we just supply the intelligence behind the reports.

Alarm Analysis Reports

Static Output

Dynamic Output (Excel)

Live Dashboard

(Coming Soon)

Capacity Planning Reports

Our capacity planning reports combine the important metrics for your environment into concise, presentation grade reports.  Since all of our reports are multi-tenant compliant, these reports can be scheduled for delivery to internal resources as well as customers.


Additionally, these reports can easily be embedded directly into the UIM (formerly Nimsoft) UMP for live customer-facing reports.


These reports can be built in the UIM's Unified Reports, the new CABI system or through SSRS.  However, reports built using the Unified Reports or CABI are fully multi-tenant capable.


Start viewing your important data the way it was meant be viewed.

Server Capacity Report for Nimsoft Unified Reporting

Infrastructure Device Capacity Report for Nimsoft Unified Reporting

Voice Capacity Report for SSRS

Storage Capacity Report for SSRS

Sample Reports Downloads

Whether you need a short term injection of help to get a small project back on track or if you need larger enterprise wide project management, Phase3 can help you achieve your goals.

Helping you find the right solutions.

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3. Hosted Monitoring

Incident Reporting

Our Incident Reports were created from a request we had to allow an IT group to specify a time that an event occurred (such as a service interruption) and then display important, related information for a customizable period prior to and after that event.


Typical metrics would include:

  • CPU

  • Memory

  • Response

  • Device specific alarms (generated in that time window)

  • All alarms generated in that time window


By presenting the data in this format, it can reveal what other forces could be impacting an application during the event period in question.

Reports are available for the following devices:

  • Hosts

  • Guests

  • Servers

  • Infrastructure Devices

  • Database Servers (MSSQL and Oracle)

  • Exchange


Download a sample .PDF output of this report

Server Incident Report for Nimsoft Unified Reporting

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